1. For this final critical essay option (approx 600- 700 words), choose either Sikhism or one of the new religious movements mentioned in IWR chapter 14 (beginning on page 533). Your essay should include the following three aspects: A) Clearly identify the “new” religious tradition you have chosen and explain whether it is an offshoot of an already existing religion, a revival of some esoteric or neopagan tradition or an emergent universalist belief system.B) Provide an overview of the basic belief system and any distinct practices that help identify this religious movement and its followers (Be brief but precise; choose the most important elements).C) Offer your assessment of this tradition in terms of its benefits and/or reasons for growth in the 21st century (discuss why people are attracted to this religion and/or what could be considered its most valuable or helpful aspects)In addition to the IWR text, you should use at least two other reliable sources to provide more detail about the religion that you choose (see the suggestions on pp. 568-9 and especially Document your sources using either the MLA or APA format.
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