Writing Assignment: Natural Resources and Population

Earth’s supply of natural resources is changing due to human consumption. This assignment will require you to research one natural resource and then write about your findings and conclusions in a brief paper (5 to 7 paragraphs).

  1. Choose one natural resource and conduct research about it. Identify the resource. Where is it found in abundance? Is it renewable or nonrenewable?
  2. How do humans use the natural resource? In what ways is it retrieved from nature?
  3. Describe how the extraction of the resource impacts the environment. When do experts expect the extraction of that resource will reach its peak? How does human consumption of the resource impact the environment?
  4. What do you predict will happen to both the availability of the resource and consequences of using it as the population continues to increase? What potential solutions are being offered as alternatives to the resource?
  5. What are ways humans can limit consumption of this resource?