• What is the professional identity of a student obtaining a MASTER’S degree in a PROFESSIONAL COUNSELING program within a department of PSYCHOLOGY? Describe the issues that cause this professional identity to be unusual and complex. Please be sure to address issues relating to the words I have capitalized in this question.

put in another way.

– is there a difference between getting a masters and some other degree when it comes to doing counseling?

– is there a difference in programs that are in a psychology department as compared to programs in an Education department, for example?

– ?how does the degree you have or the course of study relating to that degree affect how you will practice?

– what might be the same across types of programs that permit you practice and what might be different?

I think also , this should be somewhere in the beginning of that respond what I wrote.

Choices about work and profession, or career is a developmental task of adolescence. This is an extremely important task, because every profession puts a person in a specific psychological context. Each professional role influences life through different demands on the person choosing this role. For instance, Processional counseling

Counselor occupation is a specific profession that include participation in social processes in any spectrum. Based on the responsibilities, counselor should be one of a high level of awareness of the processes in which it participates and a high level of self-consciousness. Achieving professional identity is one of the conditions that counselor need to meet to best fulfill their profession. However, that can be done only if the individual obtained it own personal identity. In order to achieve personal identity induvial, need to be able to reflect on self and realized what path in Psychology interest individual the most.

To become a Professional Counselor within department of Psychology, individual need to obtained degree in mental health or any close related degree in counseling. There are a few different programs for example social worker, psychologist or clinical mental health, that specialized in mental health, however individual need to choose itself which of these offered best fit its needs, values and believes. Each of the programs has it own benefits