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What are the major differences between North Indian Hindustaniculture and South Indian Carnatic culture? Address topics such as musical transmission, instruments and musical practices. Why do these differences exist today? How does religion relate to this cultural gap between North and South India?

2 ) Write a helpful response to the students paragraph In first person and give constructive feedback and/or pose questions that are relevant to the discussion topics.

The major differences between North Indian Hindustani culture and South Indian Carnatic culture are cultural influences that were impacted upon them by the Persians and those of north Magnolia. These influences are backtracked into the thirteenth-century. Religion plays a huge role in impacting Hindustani music today along with in the past. There music is primary kept in a sense as a secret and only shared within their group. Unlike the Hindu culture, Carnatic culture musicians are open with their music. In Southern parts of India the Tyagaraja which is a head composer of the Carnatic trinity. Tyagaraja is often remembered as the saint of of Carnatic music. Carnatic ragas are different compared to the Hindustani ragas. Some Hindu names for ragas are different which include some such as Kalavati, Asa, and Charukeshi. Ragas, in the Hindu tradition, are believed to have a natural existence. Carnatic ragas are parent ragas from which more ragas are copied. Northern instruments that were used were the Tabla and Sitar. Some Southern instruments included were the Mridangam and the Vina. We see some differences today considering that people accustomed to certain styles of music which opens up comfort zones to different types of music styles.