Universal Cybersecurity Workforce

The Internet has been a millennial discovery that has changed the way we, humans, interact and relate with each other. As such, we cannot “technologically” refer to one another as “small” or “big” in this technological era. Each nation is playing a crucial role in the growth of technology as a tool of cyber invasion. In fact, it is evident that the most dangerous of cyber-attacks are not developed by the Greatest of the nations, but in the backrooms of shacks in the slums of the developing countries. It is therefore that each nation has its cybersecurity workforce. First, to ensure that it curbs black market and cyber warfare being propagated from their background. Secondly, to protect its institutions and specifically its government from possible cyber-attacks (Meeuwisse, 2017). Thirdly, to avoid the creation of black spots that not only pose a danger to the country of origin but also to the network in which the internet is based on. Such a danger is not individual but also possess a danger to the global technological platform.