By now, you have learned that organizational behavior is the study of individual and group performance within an organization. There are many topics of study in organizational behavior, including: stereotypes, attitudes, change management, generational similarities and differences, and the impact of human behavior in a work environment (e.g., leadership, communication, motivation, job structure, performance).

What topic has intrigued you at this point in the course? For this assignment, you are being asked to select a topic and identify 5 peer-reviewed journal articles related to this topic. Throughout the remainder of the course you will be asked to develop an outline of your paper and then to write a 5 page paper in week 8.

This assignment will be useful to you throughout your career. You will engage in library research and critical thinking, skills that you will use in everyday life.

  1. What topic do you want to study in more detail?
  2. List 5 peer-reviewed journal articles you want to read to write your research paper. Use the library research guides for locating resources: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Cite these sources in APA format.
  3. Outline what you would say to a company President about the need to consider this topic for her/his organization.