(use visual studio 2017 please ) the book is (starting out with C# fourth edition )

The credit plan at TidBit Computer Store specifies a 10% down payment and an annual interest rate of 12%. Monthly payments are 5% of the listed purchase price, minus the down payment. Write a program that uses a textbox for the user to enter the purchase price. The program should display a table in a listbox of a payment schedule for the lifetime of the loan. Each row of the table should contain the following items:

  • The month number (beginning with 1)
  • The current total balance owed
  • The interest owed for that month
  • The amount of principal owed for that month
  • The payment for that month
  • The balance remaining after payment

The amount of interest for a month is equal to balance * rate / 12. The amount of principal for a month is equal to the monthly payment minus the interest owed.

Add the following comments to the beginning of the program.

Name: Your Name

Class and Section: CS 165 01

Assignment: Program Assignment 04

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Program Description: You write a short description of what the program will do