Read the section of your book about the disputes in the South China Sea. Then, go online and find a recent (within the past year) news article about something that has happened in the dispute. Describe what is happening, what may yet happen, and what you think about it.

Papers are worth thirty points each. Below are some things for which I may subtract points if they are missing/done incorrectly:

  • Thesis statement/argument
  • reference the relevant section of our textbook
  • reference a relevant news article
  • include your thoughts and opinions
  • include a citation to the news article you used (website, title, author, date)
  • length; at least one full page of text, double-spaced.
  • grammar and organization
  • submitting the assignment correctly in Canvas as a Word document
  • cutting and pasting more than 15% of your paper.

My view:south China Sea territory belongs to China