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Help on the Project Assignment

Grading Rubrics

The project is worth 100 points, and your grade will be a composite ofyour performance in the following areas. Due in November 20, 2016Criteria Description Point

Value Timeliness Submitted by Day 7 of the week assigned 10 pointsResponsiveness Responds directly to the assignment as posed; followsinstructions and includes all aspects described 20 points InformationReflects assigned reading and uses concepts related to the material;includes and presents effectively relevant outside research 20 pointsStyle Thoughts expressed clearly and succinctly, free of grammar,punctuation, and other errors; cites sources using APA style guiderequirements, including in­text citations, footnotes, and bibliography20 points Quality of Analysis Reflects ability to integrate informationand think clearly and creatively; all questions answered concisely andcompletely; offers sound analysis based on facts presented; conclusionfollows from the analysis 30 points Your project will be to write a“white paper” on contract management on the Requests for Proposal below:

On the basis of the information in the RFP, you will prepare a whitepaper that will guide the issuer of the RFP in the creation andmanagement of a contract that will be awarded to the winner of thecompetition. Your white paper should address the following topics andreflect what you see in the RFP about the needs of the issuer and theproject requirements. Begin by identifying the RFP; then, in at least15 pages, provide the following: A short description of the goals ofthe project and a profile of the "ideal" vendor towhom the contract should be awarded in order to ensure successfulcompletion.

A list and discussion of crucial items that the contract must includein order to protect the interests of the parties and ensure successfulcompletion, and why they are necessary.

A plan for monitoring contract fulfillment, compliance, and enforcementthat should be reflected in the contract. A discussion of pre­contractnegotiations and anticipation of significant issues that will requireattention in establishing the contract. Recommendations for managingcontingencies or changes during the term of the contract, includingdiscussion of any foreseeable points at which they might arise duringthe project. Finally, your opinion of the RFP as an acquisitionstrategy, and any suggestions you may have for improving either the RFPor the issuer’s strategy for satisfying the needs identified in the RFP.

You are encouraged to do outside research that will assist you ininferring the significant aspects of the contract that will result fromthe RFP you choose. Remember to cite any sources you use properly andcomply with the APA style guide in your paper.

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