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can you help me with this question, see attachment

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S MasteringPhysics: Humewurk #4 , Gungle Clirumei Secure l https:l/Session.masteringphysicscom/myct/ltemVlew?asslgnrneanroblernlDz841 84342 Humeworkm Problem 3.52 . MC ® « previc 5 0t 8 l next )) Problem 3.52 – MCPart A The bacterlum Escherichia coli (or E can) is a single-celled organism that lives In the Calculate the total dlslance "aveigdgut of healthy humans and animals, When grown ln a uniform medlum rich in salts and amino acids, these bacteria swrm along zigrzag paths at a constant speed of 15[JED/5 The figure shows the traiectory of an E cofi as it moves from the origin at ’ Hints pointA to point E (Figure 1) Express your answer using three significant figures. IW-fie‘O? drum: 160 in v.1 m M _eeiveu A Incorrec Try Againyum) B Part 3Calculate the magnitude or the net displacement for the entire motion, Express your answer using three significant figures. p Hints A‘Mfir‘o? Arm: 402 umw New GM, v Incorrec Try Again