This assignment includes a paper discussing a particular California water issue. The paper should be a minimum of 3 to 4 pages and will follow MLA or other science formatting. Two rough drafts will be assigned; one peer reviewed and one instructor reviewed.

Paper Requirements

  • 1” margins
  • 12 pt Arial font, double-spaced
  • Title page, Table of Contents, References Cited
  • 3-4 pages, not including Title page, Table of Contents, References Cited
  • Copy of first page of article, newspaper or web page

Include the following sections:


Major Stakeholders (who is

affected by this issue, who are

the decision makers, etc.)


Location (Where are the major

issues occurring; i.e. if water

quality is the topic which regions

are affected by the various



Background (History)


Laws or Regulations concerning

this issue


Current Issues


Future Issues



3.) References must include a minimum of:


3 newspaper articles (can be online articles)


4 internet sites