research reports part ii

DUE 09.24.14 @ 11:59pm


Document Requirements:

MS Word

Font size: 12

3/4-1 page for each discussion(willn’t need anymore then 1 page for each discussion for sure)

2-3 references in apa citation for each discussion(shouldn’t need anymore then 3 sources for each)

Thorough Responses for each discussion is a must

NO Plagiarism!! 


Assignment Details Below:


Discussion #1:


If you were a research project team leader, what are some of the ways you would build trust and communicate with other team members? Give specific real world examples in your initial posting. 


Discussion #2:


Many research projects utilize “virtual teams,” where the members might be from across the country or around the world. What challenges do you think this poses to project leaders, and what can be done to overcome them, especially in regard to monitoring activities and providing feedback?