Over more than 10 years, platform as a service (PaaS) has evolved, to become a Cloud Computing model that delivers applications over the Internet. This is a very simplistic, generic, and high technology level design explanation of how an enterprise’s ICT services are developed. This PaaS technology advancement are currently disrupting enterprises at the strategic and operating levels. Enterprises have started to integrate this ICT service design paradigms and cloud computing capabilities, to develop sustainable “platform enabling” business strategies and new value adding business products/services that are highly appealing to customers. As a result, the latest hot trend is platform strategies and building business ecosystems. Digital platforms are reshaping enterprises and event at industry levels into interconnected ecosystems that define competitiveness and business sustainability.

Use the Dell case study to answer these questions.

(a) Conduct research on this new “platform strategy” trend and use your research findings to evaluate with justifications if Dell is also adopting a platform strategy in its EA development and deployment approach. (20 marks)

(b) If DELL has adopted a PaaS technology, describe this platform strategy using EA integration concepts, information from the case study and research findings. If Dell has not, propose and describe how one such strategy can be taken on by Dell. (20 marks)