Part 1: Reading Summary

Write a short summary of the readings for that week.In the summary be sure to note:

1. The 5 main points of the reading. (1pts)

2. What the author did well. (0.5pt)

3. Any critiques of the reading.(0.5pt)

4. How this reading could relate to your experience of communication on an everyday basis.(0.5pt)

total 2.5pts

Part 2: Reflection

After the readings summary you are to write a reflection on the readings, lecture, and themes so far this semester.This is a place to write your thoughts, critiques, comments, poetry, dreams, artwork, or raging discourse.The reflection should coordinate with the topic discussed in that week’s class.You may also use the “discussion question” I provide in the course outline as a catalyst for your ideas. (2.5 pts)

You can write this in the form of bullets/jot notes so long as they are clear.