The book is “Like water for chocolate “

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Please write the1 and 2 separately

This discussion will focus on the connection between food and character development. How are characters developed and revealed to us through their connection to food? Select one of the characters or pairs of characters (see list below) to start the discussion:

  • Mama Elena
  • Nacha and Chena
  • Tita
  • Pedro
  • Gertrudis
  • Rosaura
  • Dr. Brown
  • Morning Light and Alex

1.With which food(s) is the character or the pair associated? What does this suggest about the character(s)? What is the significance of the character(s) to the overall structure of the novel?

2.In your follow-up posts, delve more deeply into an analysis of at least two additional characters or pairs of characters and engage with posts whose authors examine different aspects of the works than the ones you explored in your initial post.

Remember, the initial post should be between 75 to 150 words and is supposed to open the discussion. The follow-up posts should also not exceed 150 words to keep the exploration of the initial points succinct and focused. Support your analysis with references to specific passages with a direct quotation or paraphrase. Be sure to check your initial post and engage with the posts it has received.