I need it wednesday. Just 5-7 sentences every question.

Question 1 – For your initial post, refer to the Respond prompt on page 129 of Everything’s an Argument and utilize the website. In the first line of your response–identify your controversial topic and your stance. Then respond to the prompt using a college level paragraph of 5-7 sentences. Consider: GMOs, vaccines, homeschooling, anything in politics, gender equality issues, etc. as possible controversial topics (though you are encouraged to choose anything you feel strongly about and are not limited to these possible options). Please consider that while you must choose a side, you also must do so respectfully.

***Respond prompt on page 129: Choose a controversial topic that is frequently in the news, and decide how you might structure an argument on the subject, using general principles of classical oration. Then look at the same subject from rogerian or invitational perspective. How might your argument differ? Which approach would work better for your topic? For audiences you might want to address?

Acting Out Culture: Chapter 2–

Reading #1 : Some “Girls” are Better than Others ( Heather Havrilesky)

Question: What is you personal response to term girl? What specific assumptions or stereotypes does it evoke? Do you think they are fair or accurate? Why or why not?

Reading #2 : How Companies Learn Your Secrets ( Charles Duhig)

Question: Take a moment to evaluate the title of this essay. How do you react to prospect of retailers trying to “learn your secrets”? Do you find this possiblity surprising? Troubling? Unremarkable?

Reading #3 : Patriarchy Gets Funky ( Naomi Klein)

Question: How do you respond to term identity marketing as klein defines it? Is identity something you naturally think of as remarkable? How or how not?

You have been assigned a reading selection indicated above. By the assigned due date for your initial post choose any one of the DISCUSSION questions at the end of your assigned reading selection and answer it thoroughly in a paragraph each reading (5-7 sentences minimum) using one cited quote from the text, Acting Out Culture, for support. You must identify the reading selection title and the question you are answering in your initial post.

**** I have the textbook, i can take a picture of the readings needed but it would be a lot.