Question 1 1 pt: Von an determine the ‘ndex of retraction or a substance by determining its critical anglewhat is the index of refraction ota

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Question 1 1 pt: Von an determine the ‘ndex of retraction or a substance by determining its critical anglewhat is the index of refraction otasubstance that has a c ral angle oi 619′ when supmerged in water (It a 1.333)? Question 2 2 yrs suppose n1 – "2′ 1.25 and 0:1 – 1.35. what is as in degrees if the angle of incidence is 44.5? Question 3 1 pts A pair or reading classes has a powerof v2 D. Howrar away lrorn a piece or paper should rt beso that sun Iightthrough the lens willset the paper on fire? Question 4 1 pt: Components oi some computers communicate with each mrthmugh optical fibers having an index oi reduction n = 1.481. Whattime in nanoseconds is required lor a signal to travel 0.213 m through such a fiber? Question 5 2 ots A spear fishemtan is looking for lunotr when he spots a fish under water in 1.333). Thensh appears to he ata depth oi 1.021 meterswhen theflsherman’s gaze is at an angle oi 41.6" irdm being pe iculer with the surface oi the water. What dept he hshactually at? Question 6 2 yrs what magnification will be produced bye lens of power 4 D(such as might be used to conect myopia) han abieclis held 25.6 cmaway? QUesfion 7 1 pts A doctor examines a mole with a 14 cm focal length magnifying glass held 10.9 cm hour the mole How big is the image in millimeters iithe mole is actually 4.3 mm in diameter? Question 9 1 pt: A doctor eramihes a mole with a 15.2 cm total length magnifying glass held 11.1 cm him the mole Where is the image? iglve youranswer in terms or a ‘ nee. in cm. lrorrr the lens.) Quesdon 7 2 ms Calculate the index ol refrzcliun lar a medium in which the speed of light is 166le m/s Question 10 2 yrs At what minimum angle in degrees will you get total internal reflection oi light when traveling from a medium at indexor refraction oi1.72 to a medium with an index oi retraction of 1.41. Qllesdon 11 2 ms Suppose n, = 1.36, ng. 1.211 and rig a 1.03. What mrnrmum angle oi mer enoe, in degrees, is required in order rorthe seedndboundaryto cause toia ernal reflection? question 12 2 DB A shopper standing 2.54 rn from a convex security mirmr sees hrs rmage with a magnification oi 0,141. What is the ioeal length oi themirror? Question 13 2 ms A scuba diver training in a pool looks at his instrucmv as shown above. What angle, in degrees, doesttre ray from the instructors facemake with the perpendicularto the wateratthe point where the ray enters? The angle between the ray In the water and theperpendicularto the water is 20.5’. lihe indexof reiracticn or the pool water is 1.313.) Question 14 2 ms Suppose a ray of light going irom air through crown glass tn=1.52) into water .333), such as going into a fish tank. Calculate thezmwm the ray rs displaced by the glassi Ax l in cm. given that the rncident angle rs 415‘ and the glass is 1.21 cm thick. Qflesdon 15 2 DB A docmraiamines a mole with a 15.5 cm ioeal length magnifying glass held mg em iron the mole What’s the magnincationz