1. Supposed you are a project manager using a waterfall development-based methodology on a large and complex project. Your manager has just read an article that advocates replacing this methodology with prototyping and comes to you requesting that you switch.

  • What would you say to your manager? NB: THIS SHOULD BE LESS THAN HALF A PAGE

Justify the reasoning behind your response utilizing at least one external resource.

2. Assume that you have been assigned the task of creating an object-oriented system that could be used to support students in finding an appropriate apartment to live in next semester. Using what you have learned about the basic characteristics of object-oriented systems:

  • Define the different types of objects (i.e., classes) you would want to include in your system.
  • Define the attributes you would want to include in their definition.
  • Arrange them into an inheritance hierarchy.

please include a diagram by using anyone of the below diagramming resources

Diagramming Resources

3. You are to create a Systems Analysis and Design Project.