Directions: Write a 4 page double spaced Problem/ Solution essay in MLA format on Bay Area rent prices (Why is rent so high? Who does it affect? and what can we do to fx it?) Collect information about the problem from published sources (up to only 3 credible sources) Preferably from google scholar. Conduct research to locate other communities or areas with a similar problem and find out how they’ve addressed it. In your essay, discuss potential consequences of the problem if left unaddressed, identify potential solutions to the problem, and argue for a particular solution. Don’t forget to site your sources and include and outline.

Intro: define the problem, have a thesis statement

Body: Who does it affect and why? Solutions- What has been attempted? Why was it successful to not? New Solutions- possible advantages and disadvantages

Conclusion: wrap it up, and restate thesis statement

Purpose of a problem/ solution essay:

– to identify and define a problem

– what is the situation? what are its effects? who or what is affected?

– to explain the importance of the problem

– to propose solutions