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Original Poem (or Original Parody of an Existing Poem or Poetic Style) and Writer’s Journal

Write a poem or parody of a poem in either closed form (formal verse) or open form (free verse). This poem must be at least eight lines (or a set of at least three haiku, which are three lines each). Keep a writer’s journal which includes at least six entries that, taken together, do all of the following: identify and discuss the form you have chosen, explain your writing and editing process, explore what you hope to communicate through your original work, and provide your rationale for the poem’s style or theme. Each journal entry should be at least two paragraphs in length.


If you choose to write a parody of a poem or poetic style, you may find the Parody section of Chapter 15 in our text to be very helpful. You may also want to study the work of noted parody artists such Weird Al Yankovic and Alan Sherman.


Your original poem or original parody and writer’s journal should be submitted as one Word document. Proofread carefully to ensure that your Course Project is professional and well-presented. Use proper grammar and punctuation unless variances are intentional. APA Format


The Course Project Proposal should consist of


  • a draft of the poem or an outline or other prewriting you are doing;
  • your first three entries in the writer’s journal, chronicling your work toward creating the poem;







Course Project Points


Documentation and Formatting



For the proposal, all sources should be documented and in APA format. The project should be in APA format and the poem or poems should be formatted appropriately (i.e., formal or free verse for Option 1 and accurately presented for Option 2).

Organization and Cohesiveness



The proposal should show critical thinking about the chosen option, moving toward coherence. For Option 1 of the project, the poem or poems and journal should show a good deal of work and hang together logically and creatively. For Option 2, the poems and introduction should show a good deal of work and hang together logically and creatively.




The proposal and the project should be free of typos and basic errors in grammar, mechanics, and spelling.




The proposal should show the intended path for the project. For the project, the ideas should be clearly developed, choices should be informed by course concepts, and care should be taken to draw strong relationships between either journal and poem or poems (Option 1) or introduction and poems (Option 2).










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