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Rough Draft

The current society is changing rapidly. Certain practices which were least practiced in traditional days are now becoming the order of the day. A good example of such practice is casual sex. Casual sex is a practice that has been there in our society for a long time now. However, in the past years, there has been an increase in the practice due to the changing nature of the society. Casual sex is sexual activity between people who are not legally established as partners and in most cases who do not know each other very well. It is practiced for the exchange of money, and both parties agree before engaging in the act. This study, therefore, seeks to explore the concept casual sex and examine the risk factors as well as its impacts.

Casual sex is becoming more progressive and integrated into the popular culture. Casual sex is a wide topic that captures various issues on life, sex and relationships. Casual sex which involves sex for exchange of money or other benefits has become one of the most practiced behavior among both the youth and adults. In fact, the practice is illegal in many nations, but still, it has continued to be practiced. This is a clear indication of how there has been a big paradigm shift in the society when it comes to norms. According to Rudman, Marquardt & Fetterolf (2016), the female gender is more prone to stigma in case of casual sex as compared to the male gender. In fact, men are encouraged to have casual sex more than women. When practiced by men, it is not seen as a big problem as when it is practiced by women. This arises from the way the society has coined the two gender where a patriarchal nature of family and dominance of the man in the family happens to be the main cause of the disparity.

There are several causes of casual sex in the society. For example, money is the main cause of casual sex in the contemporary society. Many people in the society live below the poverty line, and this has been an overarching reason as to why many women in the community opt to practice casual sex. Ideally, women practice casual sex in many parts of the world due to poverty despite other reasons. As a result, there has been an on-going debate in many nations worldwide to legalize casual sex. Proponents of the practice had been pushing for legalization while the opponents assert that it will be wrong to legalize casual sex since it is immoral and will affect the norms of the society (Rudman, Glick, Marquardt & .Fetterolf, 2016) Another cause of casual sex is exploration and adventure. This is most common among the youth especially those in colleges. It has been made easy by the media which is more open to sex in the current society. For example, the 50 Shades of Grey movie is a clear indication of how the current society exposes more of sex escapades without fear. The media has been on the forefront when it comes to exposing sex among the youth in colleges. As such, sex is no more viewed as a taboo or shameful but rather a normal practice. This has led to many types of practice that encourage casual sex such as friends with benefits, no strings attached and hookups which have become more common among the youth in colleges and universities (Katz, Tirone & Van de kloet,Bs, 2012). This boom of the internet is affecting the way young people are engaging themselves in sex. Many young students are also practicing casual sex while in colleges to explore the adventure of having multiple sex partner without caring about the dangers which come with it. In fact, a large percent of young people today do not fear the HIV/AIDs pandemic as it was in previous years.

Casual sex has many effects to the persons practicing it and the society at large. While many perceive casual sex as an avenue for money and adventure, the practice can have adverse effects on the people and the community. For instance, many youths while practicing sexual activities end up not using protection as does the adults in practice. This is very dangerous owing to the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases. HIV/AIDs is one of the deadliest diseases that has been consuming many lives in the society, and many youths place themselves at a greater risk when they practice casual sex without protection. Another effect is the high rate of pregnancy when they fail to use protection. The unprotected sex behavior among the youth in the current society has led to cases abortion among college students. Casual sex among adults also affects them mentally and psychologically (Garcia, Chris. Sean & Ann, 2012). This is because many of those who practice casual sex among the adult do so because of poverty. As a result, it affects them knowing that the only way to feed their families is through having sex with persons whom they do not have any feelings for. This has been one of the main causes of psychological problems among the adults.

There are ways through which this practice can be addressed. For example, through the use of casual sex materials which can be obtained from the internet. These materials offer sex education to all ages and have been very instrumental when it comes to addressing the social issue of casual sex in the society. Through these materials, people can get insight on how to practice safe sex to avoid dangers of AIDs pandemic and unwanted pregnancies which have become common among the youth (Antonia & Abbey, 2016). Another way to address the issue is through the use of sex educators. These individuals teach the public with the help of health providers and social workers the importance of practicing safe sex to avoid transmission of sexually transmitted disease as well as the dangers which come with casual sex practice. These individuals are funded by the government or non-governmental organizations which deals with health such as World Health Organization (WHO). Through this funding, the sex educators are expected to offer a comprehensive sex education to both ages in the society. This is paramount in controlling the practice of casual sex in the current society.

In conclusion, therefore, casual sex practice has been on the increase in the recent past. As noted in the above discussion, the practice is becoming so rampant among the youth in colleges. It has adverse effects like unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. As a result, it is good to address the issue in the society

introduction& conclusion


Casual sex cases have been on the rise in the past few years calling for action to help understand its components, what motivates people to engage in it and its effects. Casual sex entails people who are not in a romantic relationship engaging in sex. In order to get answers to some questions around this issue, this study explores different publications including online resources like the centers for disease control and prevention website, journals, magazines, e-books and websites, interviewing professionals like sex educators and victims of the same. These sources will be used to establish and give an explanation of the different notions of casual sex, its components and the leading causes of the same.


The results of this study indicate that irresponsible sexual activity presents one to severe opportunities of being infected of sexually transmitted infections which have no cure. Findings also indicate that people in all age groups face high risks of getting STIs due to practicing such. This therefore creates need for mobilizing people in these categories to practice safe sex; sex educators to intensively engage and educate people and above all personal and social initiatives be put in place to enable people understand the consequences of such actions.