Using a theory discussed in class or in your textbook, discuss how you would explain female offending using the main premise of the selected Criminological theory. If females are included in the theory, discuss whether or not you agree with that portion of the theory. If you agree, state why. If you disagree, state why and propose an update of the theory while staying true to the main elements of the theory.

As an example, Cohen’s Strain theory states that females are just focused on getting boyfriends/husbands which is why they are not affected by strains as much as males. A revision of this could be that females want to obtain success as much as males but they internalize strain whereas males externalize this behavior leading to deviant behavior for males but not females. Then you would go on to support this statement further.

The theory and theorist you select is completely up to you- just make sure to state who and what theory you are using in your post. Make sure your response uses the main components of the selected theory when discussing female offenders.

Requirements: Posts must be a minimum of 300 words. Students are expected to use proper grammar and abide by APA standard when applicable. A word count needs to be included at the end of the posts. Due by: 11/15 (11:59 pm).