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Our Brief Proposal (NGO means non government organization)

For our nonprofit business idea we want to start up a business that feeds homeless

and underprivileged people. We feel like poverty and hunger is a very prominent issue

right now in our nation. Our idea is to use vertical farming to involve the homeless and

underprivileged people to not only receive food and nutrients, but also learn how to grow

food on their own.


Teaching this skill will be very beneficial for them because it will

allow them to feed themselves in the future. We also feel like spending time with them

while teaching them this skill of vertical farming will be very rewarding and gratifying.


our company name will be“FarmUp”. Farm up buys old, abandoned warehouses and repurposes them for the ability to grow speciality crops in climate control conditions.


FarmUp will begin in the South Side of Chicago and will address the homeless and underprivileged people in the area. As the program begins, FarmUp will redesign the interiors of the buildings to include climate control, irrigation, and soil. At the same time, classes will be offered to teach the growers about proper techniques, protocol, and accessibility to the farm.