Prepare a proposal document that makes a recommendation for either replacing IPv4 with IPv6 or using both version of IP. This recommendation must be supported and explained in detail. Research IPv4 and IPv6 to understand differences, benefits, and challenges. Seek information regarding LANs implementing dual protocol stacks. Make a recommendation for a) replacing IPv4 with IPv6; b) using IPv4 and IPv6 together (dual-stack operation). Support your recommendation. Your proposal should specify a phased approach for your recommendation. You should include the following considerations in your document: • Benefits of implementing IPv6, especially in the area of security • Potential issues and concerns with IPv6 • Whether or not to continue the use of network services with IPv6 • Necessary changes to existing hardware with IPv6 • Other resource factors • High level set of steps to implement your recommendation including IP addressing scheme Your proposal should be a Word document of 3-5 body pages that includes a title page and an abstract. Citations and references list must be in APA style