1) Consider the definition of a “project” and identify a project you wish to plan. Write a one page narrative describing the project, and why this project is a good candidate for your course work.

2) Complete a Project Initiation (Guidance) Document and Project Charter for your selected project.

3) Develop a communications plan for your project, including a RACI-O matrix. Also, develop a preliminary Risk Register, including risk response plans.

4) Develop a WBS and resource loaded schedule for your project, depicting the latter in a Gantt Chart. Upon completion of the schedule, determine and highlight your project’s Critical Path.

5) Develop a budget for your project, using the 3rd level of your approved WBS. Use a reasonable fully-loaded average hourly rate for each role on the project. Include any ODC costs you might incur during project completion. And don’t forget to include reserves.

Also, update your Risk Register to include any new risks identified during the development of your resource loaded schedule and budget.

6) Complete Documentation.