In this module, after reviewing the areas of responsibilities as outlined in NAEYC’S Code of Ethical Conduct and Statement of Commitment, you are asked to reflect on your responsibilities as an ECE professional.

Following are some tips for creating your journey.

Make each entry thoughtful and engaging in a minimum of one typed, double-spaced page.

Save all of your entries for each module in a single document. Format the document so that each journal entry is on a new page, with the Module number and title at the top of the page.

You do not need to use outside resources for the journal assignments. The thoughts should be your own. If you choose to include outside resources, websites, or materials, you must indicate where you found the resource. APA Formatting is not required for this assignment or for the resources but is highly encouraged for practice.

Final Journal Submission

Your journal submission should include 4 separate reflections on the following topics as assigned in each Module.

Module 02- We are inspired by our past. Write about an event or person from the history of ECE that has inspired you

Module 03- Reflect on how adults in your life impacted the development of your self-esteem and how that impacts you today as an adult and as an educator.

Module 04- Identify personal strengths and commitments and reflect on how you use those to be an effective early childhood professional.

Module 05- Look at the areas or responsibilities outlined in NAEYC’s Code of Ethical Conduct and Statement of Commitment and reflect on your responsibilities.

Your reflection assignment will be graded based on the quality of the information you include from all four topics above.

As a reminder, your journal should be one document with each entry starting on a new page. Each entry should include the Module it was assigned in and a title. Each of the entries should be a minimum of one-page, typed, and double-spaced. You can format your entries in a bullet list or other creative formal if you wish.