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Mini-paper #2. Socialization and Discipline of Young Children

In this mini paper, discuss the challenge of parental discipline in early childhood. Address cross-cultural differences in approaches, and risks of child maltreatment. You must use 4sources to complete this mini paper:

1. One source must be your textbook, especially pages 372 – 378.

2. Use one source from the Web.

3. Use 2 research articles from an academic research journal.

Guidelines for Mini Papers

Each mini-paper needs to be about 8 typed double-spaced pages, using normal fonts and margins, plus a title page, abstract, and page that lists your references.

Papers must be your own work. Please do not ask others to help you write your papers.

Your Mini Papers are due on Canvas the day indicated on the syllabus.You will lose 1 points on your mini-paper for each day a draft is late – even if you must miss a class for personal reasons! No exceptions.

As you prepare this assignment please follow the Grading Rubric.

APA style:

Name of the book is : Berk, L. & Meyers, A. (2016). Infants and children: Prenatal through middle childhood. (8thedition). Boston: Pearson