marketing discussion questions

Here are three subjects on Marketing, this should be fairly simple and I have examples which should be fairly easy.




Consumers vs. Businesses

Are consumers or businesses more powerful in today’s marketplace? Explain why?









The Consumer Buying Decision Process or Consumer Decision Journey?

you will need to study the HBR article “Branding in the Digital Age” which will be found on the Harvard Business Review course site that I have established.

We will refer to this article again later in the class as it relates to branding and allocation of advertising dollars. However, the immediate application of this article relates to how it suggests a revision of the traditional buying process presented in the Kotler text.

For this discussion, compare and contrast the traditional consumer buying process with that presented in the article. Do you agree with the author’s premise regarding a shift in the buying process and the influences that impact this?

Define and explain the elements in the Consumer Decision Journey (CDJ) and how they are impacted by new media.

What are the implications for how marketing strategy should be designed and funded according to the author’s views?









 Role of IS in the Unethical Behavior of Company Employees

What is the role of Information Systems in preventing fraud or unethical behavior in a company? Please read the Dialing for Dollars case (Page: 172-173). The company’s manufacturing system increased production based on the fraudulent sales in the previous quarter! Can the computer system provide transparency to track back unethical sales?–yMt1j5njSW9dfRRL5l2amYxGcuNk/edit