The book you NEED and pages to READ Marcel Proust, WITHIN A BUDDING GROVE (Modern Library; based on earlier drafts written from 1907 to 1914). ONE interpretation paper on MARCEL PROUST: Within A Budding Grove. Proust, within a Budding Grove: Paris and Gilberte, 79 (from “When New Year’s Day came”) to the end of 121. Proust: Seaside at Balbec, 325 (from “I found my grandmother”) to 387 (to “the coolness of her soft palpitation” Proust: Albertine and Elstir, 502-82 (from “That day, as for some days past” to “the little band to whom I should be introduced by him.”) Proust: Elstir and the band of girls, 582-640 (from “I paced up and down” to “pull a string or two if she’s to get through”) Avoid summary and No plagiarism please. Read essay prompt carefully.