Chapter 12 Assignment

Think of your dream job and answer the following two questions.

1. What is your dream job?

2. Drawing on the job characteristics model on p.538, how would you rate your dream job on the five core job dimensions? Be specific and elaborate.

3. Based on the job characteristic model, indicate how important each characteristic is to you. Answer according to your feelings about the most recent job you had or about the job you currently hold.

Chapter 14 Assignment

Think of two teams of which you were a member, the best and the worst in terms of personal satisfaction and team performances. These teams could come from any area in your experience–for example, athletic team, student club, class group project team, work team, church small group and volunteer organizations. List here the specific behaviors of the teams that made them the best and worst for you.

1. Best team behavior/worst team behavior

2. Which of the team development models applies to your own experience? Five-stage development model or punctuated equilibrium model? Elaborate how your team develops over time.

3. How conflicts are handled in your team. Drawing on the model on p.622 to elaborate. Do you find it effective in addressing the disagreements? Why or why not?

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