lit review learning team mediation class

Internet Literature Review of Mediation and Advocacy in the Human Services Field


·         Visit at least three websites such as and explore the information available that links mediation and advocacy to human services. Additionally, refer to the University of Phoenix Material: National ADR Organizations.


·         Each Learning Team member is responsible for sharing these Web sites for the written assignment due in Week Two. Submit copies to each member and discuss the information found at each Web site. Note that each student must submit his or her own resource list. This list is not to be submitted as a group assignment. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each site, the availability of information, and current trends using advocacy and mediation in the human services field.


·         As a group, discuss how advocacy targets three different levels: individual, administrative, and policy. Discuss the importance of simultaneously advocating in all three areas for the overall wellness of the human services field and clients. Discuss the differences and similarities between advocates and decision makers within an agency setting. Prepare to discuss this activity informally at the beginning of Week.