Here is the assignment instructions based on the presentation . the paper instructions are underlined at the bottom. I attached the slides ,so it may help you with the paper . the paper should be 2-3 pages, and the named of group mates are attached in the first attached picture. if you have any questions feel free to ask. Also, please make sure there is no plagiarism.

In groups of three to four people, as a group, you will create a new club, organization, or student leadership group proposal to start at the University. Included in the proposal will be a group mission statement, core values, target audience, team roles (consider each member’s strengths), and a group sponsored event. For the event, use the event planning worksheet with a $1,000 budget.

As a group, you will give a 5-7 minute presentation with at least three powerpoint slides to propose the new club, organization, or student leadership group and the event. Then, individually write a 2-3 page reflection paper that discusses the group process and team dynamics behind the planning of the proposal and event..