Our specific research question for the project: “What are consumers’ value perceptions/consumer perceived value ($/benefits) regarding the upcoming iPhone X being the first $1,000 smartphone?”

Specific sample 3 participants. 1 male, 2 female

Depth interview and answer those question:

Link to iPhone X overview:

  • Do you currently own any generation of iPhone? If no, have you ever owned an iPhone?
  • Do you plan to buy the iPhone X? If yes, do you plan to buy it as soon as it is available or wait to buy it later (a few months)?
  • If no, why do you not want to purchase the iPhone X?
  • Do you think smartphones in general are getting too expensive, or do you think the advanced features and technology warrant higher prices?
  • Does the iPhone X’s base price of $1,000 deter you at all from wanting to purchase the smartphone?
  • Do you think the iPhone X’s features/specifications (12MP wide-angle and telephoto cameras, Portrait mode, 4K video recording, facial recognition software, 5.8-inch, all-screen display, etc.) merit its $1,000 price tag?
  • With some of the iPhone X’s features/specifications in mind, do you think the iPhone X is a quality smartphone?
  • Do you think the iPhone X would satisfy your wants as a smartphone?
  • Imagine you own the iPhone X; how do you think you would feel about using the latest, cutting-edge technology on a daily basis?
  • How do you feel about Apple coming out with two new iPhones within a close time period (the iPhone 8 released on September 22nd, 2017; the iPhone X will release on November 3rd, 2017)?
  • Given the price and technology difference between the two latest iPhones (iPhone 8, $699; iPhone X, $999), do you think it is worth purchasing the iPhone X rather than the 8/8 Plus?