S2DB1 – Download and fill out the 12 Competencies of Geek Leadership. For each, choose an appropriate rating and describe why you chose it. Attach that document to your post.

In the body of this post, use the first paragraph to describe one of your top competencies and one of your bottom.

In a second paragraph, reflect on your Top 10 Clifton Strengths Finder talent themes as they apply to your Geek Leadership competencies.

(my top 10 Clifton Strengths are attached below).

In a third paragraph, paraphrase or directly quote a sentence or two from Turkle (2015) that stimulates your thought and actions. Be sure to cite and reference. Expand with your own insight or an example to illustrate. (Reference: Turkle, S. (2015). Reclaiming conversation: The power of talk in a digital age. New York: Penguin Press.)

👉 compulsory fill and attach the given file. write it in paragraph wise. write everything in APA format, write this DB between 250 to 350 words, Must and should provide the book and web reference under this DB with link. if possible write with headings.

No Plagiarism

Reference should be must.