Each team will select an organization and conduct a comprehensive analysis, as well as develop a strategy to address some critical business problem/opportunity. The final report should include a detailed analysis of the internal structure of the organization; the external structure of the market and competitive environment; the goals, objectives, and priorities of the organization; identification of performance measurement tools; application of quantitative methods in the analysis; consideration of qualitative factors; and a strategic plan of action, including contingencies. Final report will be due the final evening of class. (SLO 3.1, 3.3, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 5.1, 5.2).

List below are the categories to help you complete your comprehensive analysis. The items listed below are a guide to help you respond to the points listed in the paragraph above, that are in bold.

Identification of Issues: This section should describe the managerial, financial, marketing, legal, ethical, economic, international, and social responsibility/sustainability issues relevant to the case. The section should also include an executive summary that provides an overview of the key issues and problems that are central to the case.

Stakeholder Perspectives: This section should identify the key stakeholders in the case, and describe and evaluate their differing perspectives and interests.

Analysis and Evaluation: This section should present an analysis of the central issues and problems in the case. This analysis should be informed by relevant theory and empirical data and should lead to a set of conclusions that are supported by appropriate evidence.

Action Plans: This section should present plans of action for dealing with the central issues and problems in the case. These action plans should flow from the previous analysis and evaluation and should be appropriately justified.

Evaluation of Consequences: This section should provide a description and analysis of the expected results from implementing the proposed plans of action as previously specified.

Global Dimensions: Students will be able to recognize and describe the global dimensions of business.