Milestone Three Prompt Submit a 4–5 page paper exploring the recommendations for your Human Resources Workforce Plan. The format should be written in paragraph form and should include valid evidence that supports the recommendations. These recommendations should support a company’s strategic goals, leading the company in its desired direction. Include the following elements:

I. Forecast – In order to alleviate gaps in the current workforce to future needs, forecast and provide recommendations based on alignment with organizational goals for company: a. Growth b. Reduction

II. Training Plans – As part of a company workforce plan, individual employees’ training and talent development must be considered. For your chosen company, address the following: a. Evaluate succession planning for its relationship to organizational sustainability. If the company does not utilize succession planning, give reasons for the omission of such a feature. b. What recommendations would you make to this company in regard to succession planning? Explain your rationale.

Guidelines for Submission: The Milestone Three Human Resources Workforce Plan Recommendations paper should follow these formatting guidelines: 4–5 pages, double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins, and citations in APA format.

Feedback from Professor on Milestone Three: There are major forces for this industry and you need to address these in your paper to determine the competency gaps clearly and frame your recommendations. Please provide an in-depth discussion of the forces including evidence to support your findings.