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How many current justices on the u.s supreme court were appointed by democractic presidents?






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________IS CONSIDERED TO BE the most inflential chief justice in histroy ?

A.william rehnquist

B.warren burger

C.earl warren

D.john marshall


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which of the following statement about u.s district court is accurate ?

A.district court decisions are being on the circuit region

b.DISTRICT COURTS ARE the intermediate level between courts of appeal and the supreme court.

C.district courts handle cases involving peopl’s claims against government seizure of property.

D.almost all cases involving federal law are first tried in district courts.


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The appointment of justice sonia sotomayor by president obama is an example of ?

A.a democratic president appointing a liberal justice.

B.a democratic president appointing a moderate justice

C.the desire of president obama to move the supreme court in a more conservative direction.

D.the value placed on justice with a strict constructionist philosophy.


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Which president appointed the first female supreme court justice ?

A.jimmy carter

B.ronald reagan

C.george h.w bush

D.bill clinton


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Hamdan v.Rumsfeld (2006) requires that ?

A.enemy combatants be treated under the requirements of the geneva convention

B.the president increases spending on protective gear for u.s troops in iraq

C.detainees at guantanamo be given legal rights to represntation afforded other persons in the u.s

D.prisons operated by the department of defense protect the religious rights of all detainees.


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The supreme court relies on support from ?

A.its enomous prestige

B.democratic majorities in congress

C.the obedience of state courts

D.republician majorities in congress


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If an individual took a civil rights case to a us district court and lost, he or she could appeal the case to the next level in the federal court structure, which would be the ?

A.us supreme court

B.us court of appeals

C.us court of military appeals

D.us claims court.


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Which case established the principle of judicial review ?

A.roe v.wade (1973)

B.mcculloch v.maryland (1819)

C.marbury v.madison (1803)

D.brown v.board of education (1954)


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Which of the following can created political pressure on federal judges ?

A.judges can be impeached by congress

B.they are appointed for life

C.the budget for the judiciary is controlled by congress

D.both A and C are correct.


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An example of the more conservative direction of the rehnquist court was ?

A.upholding a federal law to keep guns out of public schools.

B.overturning a state court’s decision in bush v.gore

C.limiting presidential power by ruling against the line item veto

D.narrowing the use of race in hiring for government programs.


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Judicial activism ?

A.is closely identified with the warren court

B.involves judges with strong background in elective office

C.may result in conservative as well as liberal positions

D.both a and c are correct


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Between 1900 and the mid-1930’s the supreme court exercised judical review primarly in ?

A.economic-regulatory cases

B.civil-liberties cases

C.separation-of-powers cases

D.racial-discrimination cases


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A case challenging the rapidly growing public debt would likely NOT be considered by the Supreme Court because it is a ?

A.question already settled in prior court decisions.

B.questions that might cause cingress to limit judicial salaries

C.case that should be heard by a state supreme court

D.political question


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Judicial review includes which of the following principles ?

A.senate confirmation of judicial appointees

B.overturning segregation

B.the practice of hearing cases on appeal

D.determining the constitutionally of federal abs state law and actions of congress and the president.


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The case of plessy v. ferguson (1896) upheld ?

A.racial segregation

B.affirmative action

C.habeas corps

D.legal represntation


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Baker v.Carr (1962) dealt with ?


B.abortion rights.


D.affirmative action.


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The case of sweat v.painter was one of the first cases to ?

A.challenge the “seprate but equal” ruling of plessy v.ferguson

B.reinforce legalized segregation by allowing a law school for blacks to be built in Texas

C.test the application of Brown v. Board of education

D.require affirmative action standards for college admissions.


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Which of the following is a restrication on congressional power over the federal courts ?

A.the power to create or expand federal courts

B.judges being constitutionally appointed for life terms

C.the authority of Congress to enact spending and revenue laws.

D.the ability to impeach federal judges.


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The united states has approximately how many attorneys ?