In the response, provide comments that prompt further critical thinking and insight on your classmate’s perspective on ethical values as they relate to their personal, academic, and professional lives. Each participation post should be a minimum of 75 words.

Explain what it means to be ethical as it relates to personal, academic, and professional growth.

Being ethical is following the constructs of society, being in your personal home, your school, or in your job. This means that there are a set of rules that should be followed always, even when no one is watching. For school it is unethical to cheat on a test, copy someone else’s work as your own. At home it is considered, in our society, that you should never harm your children or spouse. And at work it would be considered unethical to embezzle money from the company that you work for.

one ethical dilemma you have encountered and describe how the issue was resolved.

At a school class for the military I was close to becoming part of the Commandant’s List. I was tied with another soldier. It came down to the drill and ceremony evaluation as to which of us would make the List. The instructor had been distracted during my evaluation and was unsure if I have performed a command that was required. He pulled me aside afterwards and asked me I had done it. I told him that I honestly couldn’t remember if I had. He told me the reason that he was asking and if I hadn’t done that command the other soldier was going to make the Commandant’s List and I would not. (The Commandant’s List was the top 10% of the graduating class and is worth extra promotion points) I could have lied and told him that I had done the command, but I was honest again and said that since neither of us could remember if I had executed the command he should assume that I had missed it and allow the other soldier to make the List.

Describe how your general education courses have influenced your ethical values.

I would have to say that by taking general education classes I have a stronger stance on plagiarism than before. I always knew that you needed to cite your sources for things like term papers, or final papers. I never thought too much about the discussion posts at first or things that I use at home. I feel much more strongly about ensuring that if I use direct material from a source I credit and cite it appropriately.

Explain why a college-educated person might have different duties to society than someone not as educated.

As an educated person I feel that some of the duties that we have are to maintain integrity in our dealing with those that are not. I know a great deal of people that don’t get a college education that are very intelligent, and this would be hard to do, but easier to do on those that are more naive, less worldly experience. I feel that we should also help to mentor those around us and help them along their way, to better themselves.