the Film is “Shot Caller”

For this essay, you will write an

evaluation of a film of your choice. Your paper should include a short summary (or premise) of the film, no more

than ½ page, and your evaluation should focus on up to three “elements” (e.g. acting, directing, historical accuracy, cinematography,

screenplay). Your evaluation (claim) should be based on your opinion, but it must be backed by specific criteria and evidence in the form of examples from the film. We will model this assignment on

The Usual Suspects, but you may choose the film that you evaluate in your essay. The essay should be at least five pages, typed, double-spaced, and formatted according to MLA guidelines. (15% of overall grade). The early draft will be due September 25th. The final version of the Film Evaluation Paper will be due on October 16th.

As a separate assignment, you will write summaries of three secondary

sources about your film. These will be incorporated into the final version of your essay. (15% of overall grade). The summaries of three secondary sources will be due on October. You will also give a presentation on your film analysis in class during the week of October

This need to be at least 5 pages

I have outline in the attatchment