I need someone to write an essay & follow this structure:

What interesting idea about stereotypes do you see in the play No Child…? I have a essay plan which is conformed by my professor, you just need to complete the idea.


3 typed, double-spaced pages with one-inch margins and 12-pt font. Do not right-justify the text.

Use parenthetical documentation in MLA style throughout and include a works cited in MLA style. Play titles should be italicized. See Note on MLA Style.

Remember that play titles should be italicized.

Here is a document that includes information on how to quote dialogue from a play. See the last entry on quoting dialogue from a prose drama: MLA In Text Citation of Poetry and Drama.pdfPreview the documentView in a new window.

If you are including dialogue from two or more characters, you should format the dialogue as an indented quotation in MLA style. The handout above shows you how to do that. Here’s some additional information from the Purdue Owl website that tells us about how to format an indented quotation (see long quotation):


If you are simply including dialogue from one character, you should incorporate it as you typically would include textual evidence; there is no need to format dialogue from a single character as an indented quotation unless it is a longer quotation that takes up 4 lines or more of your essay.