Please answer the following in complete sentences and paragraphs. Each question is worth 20 points and should be two to three well-written paragraphs in length and guided by APA format.

1. Describe how remote sensing may be applied to assessing risk as presented in this week’s additional reading in “Resources” (Taubenbock et al.).

2. Referring to the readings for this week and your response to defining “disaster” in Week #1, please provide a new, revised definition of disaster. Be sure to show how your knowledge has grown and matured. Your definition should reflect relevance to hazard management issues.

3. Broadly discuss the nature of mass movement events in the form of avalanches and landslides and provide examples of triggers and potential underlying causes.

4. Understanding how avalanches start, discuss in detail the protection mechanisms that can be used to reduce impact on the human population.

5. Discuss the role of avalanche forecasting and warning in community preparedness. Is effective warning possible? Provide concrete examples of your position with regard to your response.

Please No Plagiarism

Please use APA style Formatting and use intext citation