I have a discussion question that need to be answer , down below is the instructor that the prof asked for. Let me know if you have any question, thank you.

“Take a look at the following eGOVTcompanies:

Google: sgs.com and public sector e-government solutions

Google: egov.com “what we do” (pay special attention to the site layout, design and standardization of its pages)

Google: radgov.com and empowering governments

Google: egovsol.com and eGovernment solutions

Questions: Does anything stand out to you when you go to their career pages? If something does standout, explain why? If there’s something throwing you off about the career section explain what it is. What are some of the common theme “solutions” that each company provides? eGov.com for example, what do you think the company prides themselves on? Is it there self-funded model? What does that even mean??”