Indeed, according to the research firm the Standish Group, 94 percent of large federal information technology projects over the past 10 years were unsuccessful — more than half were delayed, over budget, or didn’t meet user expectations, and 41.4 percent failed completely.”

There’s still a lot of speculation over exactly what happened with the Healthcare.gov website.

If it’s any consolation to our bureaucrats, other governments are also having problems with healthcare IT. For example, in 2011, Britain’s National Health Service abandoned its efforts to computerize its medical records after spending almost $20 billion on the project.

The Obamacare website’s spectacular failure to launch was caused by the same thing as the implosion of the Soviet Union. No matter how brilliant the planners, central planning just doesn’t work.

The Obama administration has spent roughly $840 million on HealthCare.gov, including more than $150 million just in cost overruns for the version that failed so badly when it launched last year.

Right as the U.S. government shut down on Oct. 1, the new national health-care exchange went live at healthcare.gov. Intended for people who want to buy health insurance under the provisions of the Affordable Care Act, the website failed from the start. It was unusable to hundreds of thousands of Americans who wanted to enroll. Screens wouldn’t load. A woman trying to get help via Web chat was told to“please be patient” an infuriating 40 times. Despite pledges from Obama administration officials that the “glitches” would be quickly fixed, the list of bugs and problems kept growing.

What caused the website to crush(SUMMARY)? How would you describe as the foundational elements to ensuring the success of a large scale projects.

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