Directions: Read Chapter 3 in your textbook. Type out questions and answers below in the via text box

America: A Narrative History, 10th Edition by David Emory Shi and George Brown Tindall

1. Compare and contrast the way Englishmen and Indians used the land in
colonial New England.

2. Examine mortality in the colonial era making sure to note age, gender,
and geographic considerations.

3. We often think about the colonial period as filled with religion, therefore
filled with morality. With this in mind, discuss the immorality of the age.

4. During the seventeenth century, race- based slavery was very important
in the New World. Discuss the concept of blackness and how Europeans
used it to justify their enslavement of Africans.

5. Seventeenth- century slavery was unique in world history for its color
basis. Examine the nature of this institution at that time making sure
to speak to the economic forces that drove it.

6.Discuss the impact of the Enlightenment and the Great
Awakening on the American colonies. Include the impact these movements
had on both New England and the Chesapeake region.

(For number 6 Your post should be at least 10 sentences (2 full paragraphs))