discus week6 event

Answer the question below.

1.Las Vegas has the most convention meeting space of any city in America. You work for a large retail chain and will be organizing a training event for retail store managers. The attendees will come from all over America and will be learning how to use a new software system to support their individual stores. What kind of ancillary programs will you plan for and why?

2.The five P’s of marketing are Product, Promotion, Price, Public Relations, and Place. Which do you think is the most important P in advertising and marketing an event? Yes, they’re all important; what I want to know is on which would you put the most emphasis and why.

3.Let’s talk about each of the P’s separately…what is the product in the event planning business? How does it impact marketing?

4.What is promotion in the event planning business?  How does it impact successful marketing?

5..What is price in the event planning business?  How does it impact marketing an event?

6.The National Restaurant Association holds an annual food service convention in Chicago every year. This is a coveted event for many vendors to restaurants and hotels. Since this is an established event, there are hundreds of vendors at the trade shows and sponsors. Your boss, who is in charge of planning this annual event, has asked you to create a new awards category and presentation ceremony for the vendors for categories such as best free stuff, best new product, and craziest trade show booth. What elements will be in your plan for this mini-event?

7.Explain the role, scope, and potential of online consumer-generated media to advance your event. How would you maximize Internet marketing opportunities?

8.Reputation is very important in the event planning business.  How would an event planner manage their online reputation?

9.What can happen if an event planner doesn’t manage their online reputation effectively or not at all?  Provide at least two examples of what could happen.

10.What is search engine optimization (commonly referred to as SEO)?  And how do event planners use it?