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Define information ethics and information security and explain why each is critical to any business.

Information ethics govern the ethical and moral issues arising from the development and use of information technologies, as well as the creation, collection, duplication, distribution, and processing of information itself (with or without the aid of computer technologies). Ethical dilemmas in this area usually arise not as simple, clear-cut situations but as clashes between competing goals, responsibilities, and loyalties. Inevitably, there will be more than one socially acceptable or “correct” decision. For this reason, acting ethically and legally are not always the same. Information security is a broad term encompassing the protection of information from accidental or intentional misuse by persons inside or outside an organization. Both are critical to every organization


Identify two epolicies that a business could implement to ensure the protection of sensitive corpo- rate data.

Have anti-hacking regularly updated software’s to protect your sensitive corporate data from hackers.

Restrict usage of such sensitive corporate data only in secured systems and limit its access to authorized users with proper authentication done.


Demonstrate how a business can use authentication and authorization technologies to prevent information theft.

authentication can be defined as when the user claims to be them. It is a way to verify you are yourself. The government can use maybe the use of thumbprints in order to access important information. Authorization either grants you or denies you the privilege to access particular information. The government can be specific for which they authorize important information.


Analyze how the government can use prevention and resistance technologies to safeguard its employees from hackers and viruses.

It is extremely important for government programs to engage in an information security plan. An information security plan includes details on how an organization will implement the information security policies. The best way a company can safeguard itself from people is by implementing and communicating its information security plan.


Propose a plan to implement information security plans to ensure your critical information is safe and protected.


Evaluate the information security issues facing a business and identify its three biggest concerns.

The increasing variety of threats and ferociousness of attacks has made protecting information a complex challenge.improved knowledge of the critical issues underlying information security can help practitioners, researchers, and government employees alike to understand and solve the biggest problems. major issue 1.Top management support 2 User awareness training & education 3 Malware (e.g., viruses, Trojans, worms) 4 Patch management 5 Vulnerability & risk management 6 Policy related issues (e.g., enforcement) 7 Organizational culture 8 Access control & identity management 9 Internal threats 10 Business continuity & disaster preparation 11 Low funding & inadequate budgets 12 Protection of privileged information 13 Network security architecture 14 Security training for IT staff 15 Justifying security expenditures 16 Inherent insecurity of networks & information systems 17 Governance 18 Legal & regulatory issues 19 External connectivity to organizational networks 20 Lack of skilled security workforce 21 Systems development & life cycle support 22 Fighting spam 23 Firewall & IDS con?gurations 24 Wireless vulnerabilities 25 Standards issues Non-manager Management frequently does little but pay lip service to security; it is viewed as a cost and a hindrance, not a critical business component. Clear legal duties should be established that hold upper management accountable for funding and supporting security.Top management : It is imperative that top management set the example for information security processes. I would like to see better clarity in laws like Sarbanes