crj 335 module 8 homework

Directions: Respond to the following prompts.  Each answer must be one half of one page in length and utilize APA guidelines for formatting and citations.


1.Violence is not nearly as common in robberies as is believed by the general public.  Explain why, statistically, the injury and death rates of victims involved in these crimes is small.


2.Name several of the characteristics of robbery.


3.Describe what a home invader is and who his victims are most likely to be.


4.Occasionally robberies escalate into a situation involving hostages.  What are the priorities in a hostage situation?  What are some of the advantages of the passage of time in a hostage situation?  What are some of the disadvantages?


5.Different degrees of robbery often exist depending on the severity of the offense.  However, in most states common elements exist concerning the statute of robbery.  List the more common elements concerning the crime of robbery.


6.What does The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) list as their recommendations for deterring work-place violence in late-night retail establishments?


7.The U.S. Department of State (“Carjacking—Don’t Be a Victim,” 2002) provides a set of guidelines to those reporting a carjacking.  What are those guidelines?


8.When responding to a robbery-in-progress call, what should an officer do?


9.Describe the Stockholm Syndrome.



10.What is the motivation for carjacking?