Critical Thinking Directions:

1. Pick one ad or news report with a logical fallacy

2. Share the link, identify the fallacy, and in a PIE paragraph of 200+ words explain why you think it depicts that fallacy.

Discussion #1 Directions:

1. Watch:

2. After watching the TED talk, write a 200-300 word answer to the following question: why do you think that Dystopias are so popular in today’s society and who are the monsters in these worlds?

  • Please include two quote sandwiches from the TED talk.
  • Please include a Works cited.

Discussion #2 Directions:

1. Read: “Humanity in the Age of Frankenstein’s Cat (Op-Ed)” (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

2. Read: Chap. 6 & 7 in Frankenstein’s Cat

3. Write a 200+ word answer to this question: “How should people responsibly deal with all of the challenging questions that biotechnology brings to the table?”

One Paragraph Directions:

1. Find one example of a fallacy from The Critical Thinking Toolkit Chap. 7 in the recent media or news.

2. Copy the example either by embedding the link or linking to it

3. Explain what the fallacy is and why you think the speaker used it