consumer behavior 4 page paper consumer decision making marketing

See attached document for FULL instructions.  Need a 4-5 page paper on the consumer decision making process of the ORGANIC FOOD INDUSTRY. 


Discuss significant aspects of the consumer decision process within the industry. You should make sure that this section is specific to your industry. I really don’t want just a general rehash of all the theory from the text. Instead you should apply the theory to your industry and talk about the consumer decision making process in your industry.


1.     Refer to Ch. 16 of the book. Discuss significant aspects of each stage of the decision process – need recognition, information search, alternative evaluation, decision making, and post-decision processes with respect to your industry.


2.     Identify the major choice criteria (attributes used) in the decision process.


3.     Discuss any unique aspects of the consumer decision process within your industry.


4.     Indicate how the individual variables (motivations, perceptions, learning, attitudes, etc.) and the group variables (reference groups, social class, subculture, and culture) tie in with the decision process. Refer to chapters in the text for these variables and what aspects you might want to incorporate. Focus on a few individual and group variables that are most relevant to your industry to add depth to your discussion.



Note that only section #2 IS NEEDED FROM INSTRUCTIONS. DOUBLE SPACED. Absolutely no plagarism allowed (will be checked)  Also need bibligraphy.


Need project approximately 10 hours from now. Around 10pm eastern standard time