consulting 5

We have discussed (among a myriad of things) the essential criteria needed to be a consultant, Subject Matter Expertise and years of relevant experience. We have identified the three types of skills a Flawless Consultant develops, Technical Skills, Interpersonal Skills, and Consulting Skills. We have explored Block’s 5 phases of consulting, Contracting, Discovery, Analysis, Implementation, and Extend, Recycle, or Terminate.


Additionally, we have emphasized the importance of being an authentic consultant/leader, developing relationships, and the benefits of a collaborative consulting model. We have looked at a new selling paradigm – Attunement, Buoyancy, and Clarity (because good contracting is good selling) and core individual motivators – Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose (because organizations don’t change – people change). Lastly, we discussed implementation is LESS about the technical aspects and MORE about the (people, relationship, support for change) which supports sustainability. So What!


How will you apply any/all of these concepts, methods, or approaches to the work you do?



– I want this by this coming Friday.


– Just answer the questions like examples I provided in the attached file (300-400 words)


– Make comments (150 words each) on those 3 comments.